Internet Business To Business And Business To Consumer Marketing

Many people are aware of the internet marketing strategies; however, there are not too many who are aware of the two kinds, which are the business to consumers and business to business marketing. There are also recently a development in this field, adding business to employees and business to government strategies to the two kinds. This article however is going to focus on the former couple of internet marketing kinds.

If you have heard or came across a business to business or business to consumer marketing website, you might probably seen it as the ecommerce website selling a service or product to a certain customer base. However, you may also have encountered lead generation websites. Do these websites fall under business to business or business to consumer marketing?

The Lead Generation Websites

The lead generation websites operate by basically accumulating data from the visitors by engaging them to fill out a certain form. Then these websites will involve themselves in activities that turn them in profits. An instance is by selling these data into other websites, which are now the other form of B2C or B2B websites and those which are involved in the business of supplying goods, services, and businesses to the consumers.

The visitor who fills out the form in a website is opting-in, which only means that when a communication is sent to him will not be considered as any form of spamming. He is already considered as a customer; therefore, any lead generation websites can fall under the business to consumer marketing program. In many cases though, the website can become a business to business marketing type as well.

The business to consumer marketing is coming into full force nowadays. Whether small, mid-sized, or big business types, they employ this internet marketing strategy simply for the reason that many people around the world are turning into the internet when it comes to the buying activities. Even banks have their own websites, which allow their clients to login, view account balance, and sometimes, transfer money into another account. Essentially, this is already a form of B2C because they are reaching out to their customers.

The B2C Shopping Websites

There are also other big B2C websites which have become the shopping sanctuary of many people around the world, for example, the eBay, Amazon, Yahoo stores, Buy, Barnes and Noble, and many other similar websites. In addition to that, there are other popular websites that allow consumers to avail of services such as the giant computer corporations engaging their clients to configure their computer through the help of the contents of the websites.

The Success of Marketing

The B2C marketing is essentially the same with B2B, except in the latter, it focuses on business to business relationship instead of business to consumer relationship. Both however is becoming a phenomenal success in the field of internet business because they are able to reach the global audience and break geographical barriers which people have suffered in the past.

On the business owners’ side, they have found the advantages of being able to cut costs on the operations as extremely beneficial. In addition, whether you have small, mid-sized, or big business, these internet business to business and business to consumer marketing strategies are open to all.