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Businesses are desperate to sell on the Internet since the Coronavirus shutdown.  But they need Mobile Pages to attract 50% of visitors who want to access their website with their telephone.

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Small Businesses need Mobile Pages because they need to sell online.

Small Businesses can’t rely anymore on foot traffic and need to sell online.  But many websites are clunky and not mobile optimized.  That is easy to check.  Just try to access any business website from your mobile to see how the page lines up if the links go somewhere or how long it takes to load.

Mobile Pages video review
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50% of potential client traffic comes from mobile phones.  And businesses can’t afford anymore to leave these clients to the competition. They need a service provider like you to fix their websites. Businesses are looking for people who know how to do it but don’t have the time themselves to learn.

Mobile Pages are new generation lightning-fast upload

The Second issue is speed.  Google favors websites that load instantly and will promote them to clients looking for certain keywords.  Clients will not wait for more than 3 seconds maximum to see what they are looking for. 

Businesses don’t have the funds to redo entirely their clunky 1990s website but can invest $997 for you to make their website mobile optimized with beautifully designed templates and powerful call to actions that convert visitors into clients.  This is client acquisition at its best.

And Mobile Pages offers you the software to solve this problem and give access to businesses to the thousands of mobile phone visitors they no longer can afford to ignore! And these pages load up at lightning speed. When Google notices that, they will promote your sales page or opt-in page or any special giveaway page to YOUR clients over your competitors.

Mobile Pages QR code
Help businesses do email marketing with a QR code

Not only that but Mobile Pages has added an enhancement that every modern business needs.  You can offer a QR code as a bonus or sell as an upgrade because it is powerful to collect leads that businesses can add to an autoresponder and do email followup.  And leads are the lifeblood of businesses.

When a visitor scans the QR code then the business owner can capture a lead and redirect their visitors to their website, special offers or a digital version of their menu.

Mobile Pages Agency
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  • Businesses need to change strategy and know they need mobile optimized pages.  Mobile pages gives you the software to transform an unoptimized website into a conversion focused sales machine. The market has unlimited potential.
  • You can attach these high converting mobile pages to any existing websites
  • Works in 15 languages so you can develop this in your country
  • Hosting on free Mobile pages subdomain or custom domain (free SSL certificate)
  • Collect leads for the business (connects to all auto responders)
  • Can build unlimited campaigns and funnels
  • 5 DFY templates or build from scratch
  • With agency rights you also have a platform to manage clients
  • Very profitable: Sell five clients at $997 per month and you have a good online income


Starts at $27 (Basic) to 47 (Commercial) ($5 less in the first days of the launch starting September 4, 2020)

Different upsells from $67 to $197

Affordable for beginning marketers.


Lacks training to get business clients.  But I have you covered.  I will add (in my bonuses) training on how to get high-end clients on LinkedIn and Facebook from one of my mentors.

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High Quality Software:

Mobile Pages by AdSightPro builds mobile Optimized websites & Sales Funnels fast.

Pages can be built from any device, load lightning-fast, and convert. Users can sell these pages to clients and get paid using the commercial license and agency features

4 Steps to serve your Mobile Pages clients

The fact is these businesses NEED help. All their advertising dollars are flushed down the drain if they prevent mobile phone users to visit their website. Most don’t have optimized mobile websites, have never sold their products or services on the internet because they didn’t need to. The recession period we are facing is changing that.

You can get paid $997 providing these businesses with a solution they desperately need. You can do it in minutes and all from your very own mobile phone.

#1: Discover

Search and find businesses that don’t have mobile optimized pages.

#2: Design

Design and customize a brand new mobile optimized website or funnel for them in seconds.

#3: Publish

Publish the new optimized website to a businesses domain or any custom domain you choose.

#4: Profit

Sell each mobile-optimized website to a business. Cash in and get paid $997 for every website you fix.

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