4 Steps: Make Money Online Selling Simple Household Items

Okay, how do I make money online. People always ask me how I make money. On different products, different businesses I have. Selling simple household items. You know I like books, that’s how much I sold in books. And I got another company, you know I like glasses. So we sell glasses, sleep glasses, etc. This is a Shopify, this month it’s sold 17 thousand, today it’s done 13 hundred bucks. And I’m going to share with you four simple steps. That you can get started making money online today. Now you’re not gonna start out making 700 thousand dollars a month like I’m doing. It took me a while to build up. But I’m telling you it’s easier to start now, than it’s ever been.

Cause when I got started, you didn’t have Shopify, Amazon wasn’t easy to sell on, you didn’t have Stripe to collect credit card number, you know to collect, and process payment. If you want, within 24 hours, making money online. Now like I said, it’s not a get rich quick scheme but trust me, there’s simple household items around your house, 700 thousand dollars in the last month I’ve sold of books and book related things, you know educational stuff. More, this is just one business, you could sell candle, I know people selling candles, making 100 grand. I know a guy selling candles, I think you’re gonna make a couple million bucks.

Everywhere you look, so step number one to making money online, find a household item that’s interesting to you. You know, you could sell tortillas. You could sell food, you could sell dishes, pots, pans. That’s step number one, find a simple household item, that’s related to what you do on a day to day basis. Like I said I sold, what did I sell in glasses, 13 hundred today. And then, this is just not showing Amazon. Amazon did about three or four thousand today. So about five thousand dollars a day. And I also do stuff related to sleeping well cause everybody’s got a bed and gotta sleep.

So step number two, so step number one, find a simple household item, that you use everyday that interests you, could be really simple, go simple. Step number two, decide if you wanna sell using a website that you can build on Shopify, ClickFunnels or you can just use Amazon. You need to decide, between those three.

Step number three, okay, you gotta connect them and you gotta get a way to collect money.

So you can either use, Stripe, Braintree or if you sell on Amazon, they have built in, you can process through them, I don’t recommend PayPal as your only source, sometimes, depends. Step number four, let me show you downstairs, by the way, click the button below, go watch the full presentation, I’m just giving you a quick tour, you need the full presentation it’s absolutely free, it’s on my website. The button’s either here or here. Click it, go watch, I’m gonna do an in depth talk on this. Got my books, like I said, these books, selling, making 700 thousand a month, thank you books. Simple household items, you could make money selling art pieces, this, tables, chairs. You didn’t realize your whole life full of money making opportunities, if you know how to sell online.

Step number four, once you got those, is you need to white label the products. So you don’t wanna have to create, like if you wanna sell glasses or if you wanna sell cosmetics or if you wanna sell tables, you don’t wanna actually manufacture them, at least not to start.

So there’s a simple way that you can use what’s called white labeling, or drop shipping. To take products that people have, and put your own label and brand on it. With that said you can be up and going with those four steps, literally, if you start early enough today, you can do it today, be up and running. Now like I said, you gotta get sales. But that comes, if you know how to do it. Amazon, literally, has I forget how many sales a day 80 million sales a day, different items sold.

So if you do well in the Amazon ecosystem, people will find you, especially if you know how to rank there, it’s the master bedroom. Guys know I like shoes, can make money shoes, you can be an affiliate. But I’m, specifically, I wanna tell you, these are some new ones I got, 13 retros. Specifically wanna show you, how to make money online in a simple, realistic, way. Like I said, you know for some of you, you might be intimidated by trying to make, you know, 715 thousand dollars a day, by the way, while I’m explaining this to you, I’ve made a couple hundred bucks in the last couple minutes, that’s the beauty, by the way, of selling online.

I call it robotic income, like robot never gets tired it just does the work, if you build a website correctly, using Shopify, or ClickFunnels or Amazon. They never get tired, those servers run as long as there’s electricity they’re running. And one of the cool things, if you wanna make 100 grand a year, a lot of people think it’s hard to make a 100 grand a year. It is if you have a nine to five job, cause you’re only working eight hours a day. But a robot never gets tired, robotic income, there’s no end, it can run 24 hours a day.

Did you know, to make 100 thousand dollars a year, pull out a calculator, and do the math, let me show you. 100 thousand dollars a year, kay, right there, divided by 365 days, cause a robot, a website can work nonstop, is $273 a day right. 100 divided by 365 days, then how many days are there, I mean hours in a day, you only gotta make 11 dollars and 41 cents an hour, 11 dollars 41 cents an hour, you’re making 100 thousand dollars a year, 200 thousand, 23 dollars an hour, 22 dollars an hour. So click the link below, I’ll show you in depth how to do this, let’s get you started. Hopes and dreams are killed by procrastination. Don’t procrastinate,

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